Web Strategist

The web is in constant flux, and being able to work and/or run a business online takes more effort than ever before. Understanding how search, technology and social media interact with content and design provide opportunities that go beyond traditional methods is a key to all our projects.

Web Designer & Developer

With 20+ very creative years in web design and development, specializing in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and CMS development, I create responsive visual web presences online that are both beautiful and pragmatic. These cutting-edge techniques respond well to visitor needs and Google ranking.


I have 20+ years of experience in teaching a wide variety of courses across various levels of education. My interest and advanced training and degrees provide me with clear insight into technology, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, online learning, while also developing new and innovative curriculum.

Design that works

Your web presence needs to adapt to changes in technology, multiple devices, various modes of use and be integrated seamlessly into the realm of social media. Design now not only includes layout, colour and information flow, it also requires unique content, responsive design, adaptive technology and be easily accessible online.

With hand-coded solutions from sketch to functioning site, the transformation from idea to digital reality become successful online personas of a business as well as the people behind the business.

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Immix Group Vancouver website
The people behind the Business

Is the Web Working for You?

Too often we think that as long as we have a website with basic information about our company, products and services, that is enough to have influence. Having a website as a business-card extension has its advantages, but is this enough for your business?

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The people behind the Business

The People Behind the Business

With Google’s new emphasis on Author Rank as a replacement for Page Rank, our new focus for the past year has been on the people behind the business. When building a corporate identity online, this is an excellent way to not only tell the story of the business and build further interest, but also to...

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time to update your website

Time to update your website?

Running a business is becoming more complicated than ever, and your presence on the web is becoming more vital to marketing and customer retention than ever before. Is your website working for you?

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