Educational Philosophy


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"There is increasing tension
 between the demands on the self made by globalization and the capacity to respond."

Ken Buis 2012

Educational Philosophy

In order to situate a teaching and learning practice, we need to understand how we learn and how those theories impact our interaction with and creation of knowledge. Below is my current teaching philosophy which is likely to continue to transform as I adapt to the forces of dromology, ocularcentrism, the network society and teaching in a digital space optimized for communities of inquiry and practice.

Meaningful learning entices a learner out of the shadows of ignorance and into the sunlight of knowledge. This intellectual journey provides growth in creative and emotional intelligence as well as applications of information.  It is being able to fly to the sun, but unlike Icarus, wisdom is actively obtained to understand the limitations of a singular concept through self-regulated, critical thinking. True knowledge acquisition occurs when a learner applies logic and deep reasoning skills acquired through discovery learning, supported by experienced guides, in a social cognition created within a cultural pedagogy.

Each generation of learners has informational needs and over time supportive learning theories are developed. As mental elasticity is challenged with the demands of society, technology and information, a logical and creative solution based on intellectual, emotional and self-regulated thinking should be created.  For this spark to occur, the learner needs to be able to clear the mind of the digital noise of escapism, and delve into the information flow to construct knowledge.  Effective learning, in a network of information, a community of inquiry/practice, requires skills of retention, recall and application, built upon a foundation of concepts through scaffolding.  This guidance, which once came from a Master, now requires a Navigator of Information knowledgeable in seeking ideas in the collective unconscious of cyberspace, and assistance in the multitasking of connecting, processing and adapting to information in a space of flows.

Meaningful learning requires constructing knowledge based on interacting with information, creating artefacts in situational and social settings, and participating in a community of inquiry. Upon successful learning, the inspired will seek answers in a creative, logical and narrative journey into the fluid world of information, enhancing the networked community with the reinterpretation of ideas developing into a shared collective wisdom to become the foundation of a global culture’s history.

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